Several months ago we had a contest to come up with a good use of this domain.  The winner of the contest suggested we create a better search engine.  At first we dismissed this as a pipe dream – we are all fans of google and beating them at their own game seemed like an impossibility.  But then we started to think about it and saw the opportunity.

You see, Google is a corporation whose main focus is (and has to be) advertising.  Since its inception, search results have become more and more littered with paid advertisements.  They claim their ranking is done systematically, but many claim dollars spent on advertising help with “organic” results placement. search is a customized search.  Our aim is to use Google’s own customization to improve the results for our audience. (Eight O’s) users are typically between 8 and 22 years old.  They use cell phones and social networking and do not like pointless ads.  If this is you, please make us your home page and primary search engine.  You will not be disappointed.  OK, that was a bit of an arrogant statement, I apologise.  To be honest, you may well be disappointed.  I mean, we are not revolutionizing search or redefining data streams here.  It is just our idea of improved results, less cluttered.  If you like it tell your friends.  If you think it is stupid, ask your friends for their opinion and tell us too.  Our email for complaints is  Just kidding

Google with eight O’s is a work in progress.  If you have ideas for how we can change or what we can add to the site, please email them to us.

Please email your ideas to

A real human will read and respond to your idea.  If we like it we may even hire you.

Here are some of the ideas we have received to date:

Fix the spelling of  complaints.  Done, thanks Hannah.

– Hannah VanBoxel

I have come across by accident and find it pretty cool. Something that may be fun and encourage more traffic to you might be a way to use the O’s. Perhaps you could have them be hyperlinks that change periodically. Hyperlinks that have some sort of educational links to interesting knowledge or games. You could then do something similar to the original Google and put a theme that deals with these links behind your logo.

This could encourage kids and adults alike to come to your site and gain new bits of fun knowledge they have not known they needed. I know I have always loved clicking on links that have new excerpts of information to indulge in.

– Earl Baldwin

I was thinking that since google with eight zeros is so strange, perhaps it could be a google search engine that helps people with science. Oxygen is number eight on the chart of elements and we can’t live without that, a lot like people can’t live without google. Maybe even expand on the idea and have a google with six o’s and have it’s focus based on searches having to do with the universe. The number six on the periodic table of elements is carbon. I think science is hard enough to find in general google searches, maybe different o’s could represent different but prevalent interest of subjects that interest the whole world like science, math, geography, geology. Different ideas that will enlighten people everywhere without focus on opinion, just pure observed and documented fact. Just a thought, and good luck with the ideas.

– Mark Patterson

I recently saw an advertisement for OneCoin product which allows you to consolidate your credit cards.

Thinking about it, I thought it can be extended to an app on your cell phone. The only major hurdle is that the shop where this app can be used should have a technology in place that should support this. So, my idea is as follows:

We can have an android app which will allow us to consolidate our credit cards – meaning, it will store our credit cards information for how many ever credit cards that we have. For security sake, this can be password protected or better still have biometrics security in place.

For every customer, who has this app, a unique bar code will be generated and this bar code will be scanned to be used as payment.

Now, coming to the integration of this technology at the shop or departmental store’s infrastructure. Most of the stores have a bar scanner to scan price of their merchandise for billing. They can use the same scanner to scan the unique number from the app on the customer’s phone. A software can then send this number to the respective bank where the customer has subscribed for a credit card and validate the customer details and the payment can be processed.

So, there will be no need for anybody to carry a credit card and their smart phones can have an added functionality of a credit card as well.

 – Subramaniam

Make a forum for sharing Bad Christmas present ideas.

– Jeff Linfitt

Always don’t never not fail to watch Tim Minchin Videos or Tim’s Youtube Channel

– God Herself

It should be Google but with the added function of automatically deleting your history, so that you can watch “special internet videos” and not go through the trouble of deleting your history afterwards.

– Jordan Polun  (Editor’s Note:  Google Chrome > New Incognito Window, never delete your history again)

You should have 8 search buttons but all for the same thing.

– Jack Palmer

Hey goooooooogle! I really like the idea of an alternate website that can be less annoying as google and does what you actually want google to do! My idea would be a pull down menu that shows your profile – interests(check marked boxes of things: sports, news, politics) that would narrow your search on a personal level, your top search’s, your search history, suggested pages, and even an option for school work, research articles, informative PDF files, etc. If you like this idea email me back and I have more!!!!! P.S. you should hire me too!

– Scott J Hyland

The more searches you make the better you search engine gets

– Peter Neimen

I think Google with 8-O’s should be used to come up with ideas on what Google with 8-o’s should be.

-Its TwickY

You can pull this off for sure. has 8 o’s has 2 O’s. This is potentially 4 times more powerful.  Therefore “we” would have 4 unique ways in increase the effectiveness of the search.  

You have a goooooooogle portfolio that tracks your age, gender, favorite color, screen size, etc. (pick 4) That way when you google search it is completely customized. No more paid ads. colors the way you want it, etc.

That was idea #1. 

Idea number #2 is way easier and more fun. 
Think million dollar homepage. How about at everyone who goes there can somehow “own” a piece of that homepage.  Its a great way to market new products and businesses that dont have the money.

Imagine “Million Dollar Homepage” which by the way is genius.  Not for any real reason but because it outlines exactly how marketing works as a whole. (What are a lot of people seeing? I want my ad there.)

 #3 could have a bunch of awesome google facts. how many people are on google now?  How many searches today? 

OMG Genuis. could display the top 40 google searches that day.  I mean that would be cool, relevant, interesting, etc.  I would go there everyday to see what are people google searching today.  Not that this is not already going on, but this is the perfect domain for it and we could get specific information from Google if they like the idea.

 These ideas are just the get the creative juices flowing. I would only maybe use the lastidea if any, but keep thinking.  Google is as hot as it will ever get right now so now is the time to do something cool and fun like this. 

– Lee

You could have a kind of featured thing and not like a pointless video of the month more like maybe people send you videos you rate which is the most interesting or pointless and who ever video you choose the person gets like a shout out on and since im already on it I have one more idea maybe you should add in a log-in system and people may have a pointless meter maybe if you get a feature you get points or if you reach a number of searches you get points and you level up message me and tell me what you think.

Maybe you could use the log in system for stuff you do like for example whatever this site becomes maybe use the meter as EXP and have levels and higher the level maybe the better and more informative your search is.

Josh Beylinson

G8 idea:  “I feel every o in Goooooooogle should be of equal significance as far as pointlessness is concerned. So, VIBGYOR colours can be put in its 7 o’s and 1 o should be kept colorless.
Eight tabs should be made in this website where in pointless videos, images, websites, live pointless real life gossips, jokes, blogs, social network’s super idiotic updates, asinine quirks with to brag about, etc. are displayed. “

– Jwalin Vahia, IIT Roorkee

Sell it to
Price – anything ending with eight O’s

– R Singh

Ad Creation or Modification: “A new ad has been created, or modified: 便宜的汽车呀

– Anonimous

Awesum idea:  “I think should also have a search bar and the search result should include all the possible pointless websites. It should then rank those pointless websites on the basis of Stupidity and announce a winner every month:  The Stupidest website of the month is: ________”

 Nishant Radia

“Google’s social network site.”

– Jon Carter

The eight O phenom:  “Since the original google has two O’s, yours has 4 times as much. So, on all accounts for a search engine, one of a multifacets of your plan to take over the Aytoniverse, every search should provide the results in an odd quadruple fashion for wording, as an example:

Search – Chocolate
Result one “Homemadeeee fudgefudgefudgefudge brooownies”, etc.
All pictures one the image section would be turned into the modern art, with four panes in different colors.
All locations would be logged to 4square, but you wouldn’t get an answer, just the html logging from 4square.
And any time you misspell anything, the “did you mean” would spellcheck it, then just tell you to buy a dictionary, because you are cool like that “

-Brian the Tilde-o

“If you guys are struggling with the direction of Google with eight O’s, I think you should hold a contest to help you decide. Asking people to send in ideas sounds good, but you will need some kind of incentive. Perhaps you could reward the best idea with a cash prize. Enough money to buy a kickass computer or a mediocre vacation for two sounds about right.”

 Jason Breland

Make goooooooogle a normal Google search page, but have a server-side script running that adds 7 O’s to each O in the results before transmitting then to the user.

– John Koz

You could make a weekly talk show that talks about random stuff or you could design flash games or use them the ones that have something to do with 8’s or o’s

– David Dunne

Maybe Google with 8 O’s should be a site designed especially for image searching, kind of like Google Images

– Jacob Mills

I think the site should have the google layout, but function satirically. For example, someone types in “2013 automobiles” and redirects you to a wikipedia page on dolphins.

– Kris Massey

Start an entire franchise that rivals Google.”

– Jordan Polun

Your website should be a shopping website. However this isn’t like your regular shopping website. No! Google with eight o’s is a website where you purchase something for a certain dollar amount, and instead of getting what you ordered you get something completely different but is still worth the same amount of money. How exciting would that be?!
Hella dope.”

– Haley Compton

“I think the point of this domain, google with eight o’s, should be a place where people can go for moral support during things like finals week, a financial struggle, a divorce, or even just to bitch. It could be what people use Facebook for but people would actually listen to them and want to talk back!”

-Morgan Rachal

Google with eight O’s should be a website that is kind of like ebay but instead of like used things its all new stuff and you can find whatever you want and buy it unless it is sold none of that bidding crap just straight up “we have 5 in stock first five to buy get it until we have more” and make sections like new or used then have categories for the stuff you sell like electronics, clothing, etc.


I think that could be used as a friend website for people to bitch and just commend each other with som bad and ugly stuff. just like facebook but with more teasing.  ”

-Benjamin Wegener

I think this domain, google with eight o’s, should be used to post lost things. It would be a lost and found for the whole world and people would be rightfully reunited with their left socks and their babies’ binkis.”

-Morgan Rachal

Google is a plateform of information. It’s a kind of big barter market of information.

Why Goooooooogle could not become a big barter market ? Like each O is a kind of stuff “food & drinks, “medecines”, “Clothes”…
Nowadays, there is a lot of waste when some people have nothing. I think we could exchange what we have trough this platform.
For example, I put 3 liters of sparkling water or french bread on Goooooooogle “Food & Drinks” and one woman in Venezuela offers me to exchange that water or bread with dry fruits from her country that are difficult to find here in France.
It could works with African countries. They miss a lot of essential things and us, occidental countries we could be interested by things there are just in their country. IT will also permit to reduce waste.
It will allow to create a super big new market without lobbying or being controled by superpower companies.
TADAM… Drum roll… that was my idea !

-Anouk Pires

“Should read “Our email for complaints is” or “Our email is for complaints” 

Thanks for the laughs

–  Charles Brushwood.